What it Means That Skin is Shocked by Climate

By alexis / 18 December 2023

What it Means That Skin is Shocked by Climate

Heading from one extreme climate to another? Your face is about to freak.

All is well when seasons change and skin has time to gradually adjust to the new environment. But when you cross from tropical to polar (or vice versa) rather suddenly, panic sets in. "People get red cheeks, their skin gets dehydrated, and they get breakouts," says Ulli Haslacher, president of Pour Moi, of climate-shocked skin. With Pour Moi Day Creams you can easily transition from one climate to another, while your skin health, barrier, hydration and anti-aging strategy remain consistent and seamless so you can reap the long-term benefits. Plan ahead by understanding the harmful impact to your face, and learn how to thwart weather and environmental assaults using Pour Moi, the only brand that formulates and thinks differently about the effect climate has on your skin.

What Happens When Skin is Climate Shocked

The only way skin can cope when it’s shocked is to work quickly and adjust accordingly. During that process, tiny blood vessels in your skin may rapidly expand, which can lead to redness, inflammation, and more noticeable veins resulting in undereye darkness, for example. Extreme weather, cold or hot, can also exacerbate existing conditions like eczema or cause new conditions to form. Acne, for example, is known to show up when temps drop suddenly and dryness sets in with less moisture available in the air. That dehydration coupled with harsh winds strip skin of its surface lipids, which act as bodyguards keeping moisture in and dirt out. With that protection gone, bacteria does a happy dance knowing that it can sneak in and wreak havoc.

Why Your Skin Reacts Differently in Different Climates

Shocked skin manifests itself differently in varying climates. Polar environments make for a hydration-starved lipid barrier. So when you head to chilly weather rather quickly, you may experience redness, dryness, inflammation, sensitivity, and possibly breakouts (as previously mentioned). Going from a polar climate to a humid, sun-soaked oasis? You can expect overactive oil glands upon arrival. Oil-slick skin and humidity from the air can create a breeding ground for bacteria, which can cause breakouts, skin infections, and more. Travel plans that include a desert-like destination means risking flare-ups of existing conditions like acne, eczema and rosacea. The dry air unsurprisingly sucks moisture right out of skin, leaving behind a pile of dead cells that can clog pores and again, cause acne.

How Using Climate Smart Skincare Will Minimize the Climate Shock Impact

Using the right products – and planning ahead – will help skin acclimate to a surprising environment with ease. "You don't have to have these reactions anymore," says Haslacher. By using climate-smart skincare you're coming in with an assist that'll ensure glowing skin no matter what's going on outside. "That's why we tested in climate chambers where we went from one extreme climate to the next extreme climate, and the hydration of the skin stayed even," she adds of Pour Moi's ability to maintain skin's temperature, and therefore minimize reactions despite the climate. By using Pour Moi's Day Creams (Polar, Temperate, Desert, or Tropical) based on where you are, you're allowing skin to do its job and promote a healthy barrier while keeping its appearance moist, flexible, and healthy, and in harmony with the environment. How? Climate Energized Beautifiers (CEBs) in the lotions follow along when skin changes with the climate leaving it balanced. To boost your Day Cream's performance, use Pour Moi's Hydrating Balancer as a first step in combating the effects of changing climates. The citric acid and sodium hydroxide-based formula adjusts the pH level of skin's acid mantle (a slightly acidic film on skin's surface) to prevent and reduce the signs of aging, inflammation, breakouts, and sensitivity that come with a sudden shift in weather, pollution, or man-made conditions. Plus, it helps the active ingredients in Serums and Day Creams penetrate and work better. So before you start slathering on an array of any old treatment products to tame climate-shocked skin, know that using Pour Moi’s products, and using them consistently, will make for a smooth, healthy, glowing transition to just about anywhere.