What is a Good Face Moisturizer? One That Aligns with Your Climate like Climate-Smart Skincare from Pour Moi

By YesMissy / 18 December 2023

What is a Good Face Moisturizer? One That Aligns with Your Climate like Climate-Smart Skincare from Pour Moi
When I moved from Vancouver to Toronto a few years ago, settling into a new city wasn’t the only thing I had to adjust to. I found many of my old skincare products no longer seemed right for my skin, being either too heavy for the humid Toronto summers or not moisturizing enough for the dry winters. That’s when I first realized that my skincare requirements could change depending on the climate and season. I asked myself: what is a good face moisturizer for living in the North East? Pour Moi is a first climate-smart skincare line that has taken all the guesswork out of the process of finding the right products for your skin in every season and climate. Their climate-specific skincare aligns your the skin’s natural condition to find the right moisture balance for the climate you’re in. Their products keep your skin properly balanced at the right hydration level and is scientifically formulated to mimic the various behaviors of healthy skin in different places and seasons.

The Pour Moi Ritual

Step 1

The Pour Moi skincare ritual all starts with the Hydrating Balancer. It acts as a toner and moisturizer in one and you apply it after you wash your face. Its job is to balance pH and natural moisture levels of the skin and prepares a smooth, regenerated complexion with clear pores.

Step 2

The next step is choosing a serum that’s right for your skin type. The White Serum for oily to sensitive, and the Black Serum for dry skin types. Both have a light texture that’s easily absorbed into the skin and is highly concentrated with restoring, hydrating, and brightening actives for perfect the skin maximum beauty, hydration, youthfulness, and glow.

Step 3

The final step is to use a good face moisturizer such as a Day Cream that matches your climate.

  1. The Temperate Day Cream is for mild temperatures and average humidity, think NYC.
  2. The Tropical Day Cream is for high temperatures and high humidity, think South Beach.
  3. The Desert Day Cream is for when the temperatures are high with low humidity, think Palm Springs.
  4. The Polar Day Cream is for when the temperatures are low with low humidity, think Aspen.
Each day cream is specially formulated a unique blend of hydrators and active ingredients based on how skin reacts in these 4 different climates. For example the humid climates, the Tropical Day cream contains humectants act as magnets to help skin draw and trap moisture from the humid atmosphere, while in the dry climates, the Polar Day cream is enriched with Squalane Oil and Shea Butter to act as a barrier against harsh winds and frost and to seal in moisture.

What is a Good Face Moisturizer? My Pour Moi Skincare Review

I’ve been using the Pour Moi Day Creams for the past 2 months and I came across the line at the perfect time. It was the end of summer and the change of seasons had just started. Usually, at this time, I would be in between skincare lines and frustrated with adjusting my skincare routine to the unpredictable weather, but Pour Moi made it easy for me. We had a little bit of an extended summer here in Toronto, so I was able to use to Tropical Day cream for the remainder of the hot humid days, and as the weather started to cool I changed over to the Temperate Day Cream. Now that November is here, there have already been a few frigid windy days, where I’ve started to use the Polar Day Cream as well. I wouldn’t say there was too noticeable of a difference in the texture of the creams, but I did find my skin to feel healthy and balanced regardless of what might be going on with the weather. I found all the day creams feel weightless and absorb well to keep my skin hydrated, but never oily or sticky. They also worked well under my makeup, allowing it to go on smoothly and comfortably. It didn’t bother my sensitive skin at all, and after using the Pour Moi Day Creams for the last couple months my skin just felt happier and healthier. And there few other things I admire about Pour Moi skincare I’d also like to mention. They have a commitment to creating quality products that are Paraben-free, toxin-free, and BPA-free. And not only are Pour Moi products free of animal testing, but their formulations are vegan as well, meaning they’re free of animal-derived ingredients. They believe that good skincare shouldn’t do any harm to your skin or the animals, which is something that’s important to me too. Aside from making great skincare products, I firmly believe the values behind a company is just as important and Pour Moi has a commitment to both of those. To try out Pour Moi skincare for yourself and if you’re a fellow Canadian, you can also shop at www.tsc.ca! What's my secret? I change with the climate :)