Bet You Didn’t Know Your Skincare Should Be Climate-Smart®

By genevieve / 18 December 2023

Bet You Didn’t Know Your Skincare Should Be Climate-Smart®

“Conventional skin care made a mistake: it never accounted for the biological fact that skin functions change in different climates. That means the best face moisturizer is the one that adapts your skin to the climate. From now on, we choose our skincare based on the climate we’re in!” - Ulli Haslacher

"Rather than the typical 'skin type' model, Pour Moi bases their regimen on climate, a brilliant way to approach self-care. Whether you spend year round in one climate or are the globetrotting traveler, Pour Moi helps you achieve healthy skin anywhere you go." - Indie Beauty Expo Co-Founder Jillian Wright

Climate isn’t often considered when choosing a skincare regimen. Pour Moi's innovative Day Creams utilize the world's first effective Climate Energized Beautifiers™ (CEBs) that are uniquely formulated in line with specific climates to optimize skin-saving results across a wide spectrum of weather elements, man-made conditions and pollution levels. It is the first and only skincare that allows for a personalized and adaptive approach that counteracts the challenges of each climate while restoring the skin’s natural moisture balance and repair functions.

Pour Moi is 100% cruelty-free and vegan.

Climate-Smart skincare is for people, so it’s only tested on humans. Pour Moi puts safety first with pH balanced formulations that are free of parabens, fragrances, BPA, mineral oils and gluten. Their team of chemists, bio-chemists and microbiologists follow the highest European and American standards for safe practices, making Pour Moi skincare safe for expectant mothers, people with sensitive skin and those who approach cosmetics with caution. With clinically validated, scientific research proving that skin function changes in individual climates, each Pour Moi product delivers results with formulations that include squalane oil, shea butter and hyaluronic acid for a healthy lipid barrier, antioxidants that protect skin from environmental stressors, and peptides, seaweed extract and white truffle which address the signs of aging.


Three tips for choosing a day cream that is right for you:

1. Know the environment you’re in.

Dry or humid? Mild or extreme? Each season can mean a wide range of climate conditions - summers can be humid, dry or mild in nature, so get specific when choosing your day cream.

2. Temperature is key.

Our Climate-Smart technology accounts for all of the environmental conditions associated with the climate you’re in, so there’s no need to worry about air-conditioning, heating or pollution - simply choose the day cream designed for your climate and you’re good to go.

3. Location hydration.

Don’t forget about travel! If you’re in a different time zone, chances are you’re in a different climate and will need a day cream that keeps your skin balanced and hydrated for that climate.   When skin is in harmony with its environment, skincare ingredients work at their optimum levels, penetrating deep for maximum hydration, youthfulness and glow, meaning our users can have a truly happy face, anyplace.