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Temperate Day Cream Mild & Comfy Weather
Mild Conditions
Mild & Comfy Weather | Temperate Day Cream - Pour Moi Skincare
Mild & Comfy Weather | Temperate Day Cream - Pour Moi Skincare
Temperate Day Cream | Mild & Comfy Weather - Pour Moi Skincare
Temperate Day Cream | Mild & Comfy Weather - Pour Moi Skincare

Temperate Day Cream

Mild & Comfy Weather

Mild Conditions

Designed for mild weather conditions, our anti-aging Temperate Day Cream utilizes patented lightweight temperate shield technology. It allows your skin to absorb moisture from the soft air while protecting against oxidative damage from weather and environmental stressors.

Thoroughly tested and proven effective by real consumers in temperate conditions and seasons, it's the perfect choice for a mild local climate. 

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About This Product

The forecast is for pleasant weather and Temperate Day Cream


Your skin thrives in temperate climate conditions, but traditional moisturizers are not specifically formulated to take advantage of mild weather conditions.

Studies have shown that barrier repair functions are naturally at their best when skin is surrounded by breezy air. That means mild temperatures, average humidity, and lower air pressure; in other words, it's not too cold, hot, dry, humid, or high up in elevation.

In temperate weather, your skin benefits from the atmosphere. Your skin's Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) draws in the optimal amount of atmospheric water to stay naturally moist and balanced, creating a unique opportunity for skin care to help skin accelerate its rejuvenation process.

Pour Moi’s Climate-Smart® shield technology in Temperate Day Cream is customized to counteract extrinsic skin aging in temperate climate conditions. It takes advantage of the mild climate conditions utilizing our proprietary Geo-HydraD/Temperate complex, which blends luxurious white truffle extract from the Rhône-Alpes Region with three multi-molecular hyaluronic acids. Due to the adaptive nature of our complex, it has the unique ability to self-adjust to meet the skin’s ever-changing needs within the nuances of a specific climate.


Pour Moi's Climate-Smart® shield technology in Temperate Day Cream is customized to counteract extrinsic skin aging in temperate climate conditions with an anti-aging lightweight shield that forms within the skin's surface with no build-up. It solves the problem of traditional skincare not taking full advantage of this ideal climate by utilizing our proprietary Geo-HydraD/Temperate complex. Geo-HydraD/Temperate works by blending luxurious white truffle extract from the Rhône-Alpes Region with a novelty multi-molecular hydra-actives system. Due to its unique adaptive functionality, the Climate-Smart® hydra-complex self-adjusts to meet the skin's ever-changing hydration needs within the nuances of temperate climate, putting skin at ease.

To support the skin's natural defense system against photoaging from the sun, Temperate Day Cream delivers a high-performing A/C/E vitamin complex and protective plant-derived bio-actives into the skin, strengthening skin's repair and rejuvenation protected by the Climate-Smart® shield.


Winner of TIME 2020 Best Invention of the Year in skincare, Pour Moi abandoned the traditional approach of the same moisturizer every day in all locations. Instead, it provides a range of different Climate-Smart® Day Creams that are scientifically designed to work in specific weather conditions and in synergy together to maximize anti-aging and skin hydration results. For a youthful, flawless complexion, dress your skin daily like you dress yourself, depending on your local weather.


Not sure what the weather is like today? Just scan the QR code with your smartphone on the top of the cap, and it opens a browser link (just like a restaurant's menu). The link instantly brings you to our Cream-Finder. Just click the activation button, and it shows your local elevation, the weather, and which Day Cream to use. It gives you the confidence always to use the right Climate-Smart Day Cream® in your location.


An independent, third-party study conducted in New Jersey during February, going into early March, using Temperate Day Cream on mild days (and Polar Day Cream on cold days) reported that all participants (30) found that their skin hydration, smoothness, and overall youthful appearance were 100% improved!


Because SPF ingredients' efficacy expires after 90 minutes, Pour Moi keeps SPF out of its high-performing Climate-Smart® Day Creams. We highly recommend SPF as its own sun protection step to apply and reapply when skin is exposed directly to sunlight.

While the Temperate Day Cream is SPF-free, our innovative moisturizer is additionally enriched with antioxidants that are studied to fight photoaging and damage caused by UV light.

  • Effectively hydrates and plumps your skin in local weather that is cool and humid
  • Defends your facefrom extrinsic aging caused by marine climate conditions
  • Rebalances skin's natural moisture balancein damp weather.
  • Prevents broken capillaries when transitioning from outdoor to indoor or vice versa
  • Helps clear up breakouts and uneven skin tone originating from external stressors such as light, winds, cold temperatures, indoor heating, and others.

For the list of all ingredients click here.

  • Climate-Smart® Geo-HydraD/Temperate complex blends white truffle extract from the Rhône-Alpes Region + 3 types of hyaluronic acid, customized for all-day hydration in mild conditions for supple, smooth skin.
  • Featherweight squalane + glycerin replenish skin’s natural oils and moisture for healthy barrier functions and a dewy complexion.
  • Encapsulated vitamins A, C + two types of vitamin E + anti-aging peptides boost skin’s natural defense and repair system.
  • Protective plant-derived bio-actives rich in antioxidant activity, specifically selected to support healthy skin functions in mild weather.

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How To Apply

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Not sure which Day Cream fits the weather? Scan the QR code to forecast your correct Day Cream.
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Pump a pea-sized amount onto your fingers.
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Pat and smooth onto your face.

Driven By Results

100% driven by results, our Climate-Smart® approach transforms how your skin looks and feels.
Say skin looks more youthful & brighter.
Say skin feels more supple & hydrated.
*Proven results based on a third-party independent study.

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