Caring for Skin in the Midwest

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About Midwest's Climate Impact on Skin:

Dry, scaling skin from harsh, cold winter air
Oiliness, enlarged pores from summer's humidity
Vitamin D deficiency from weak natural light in winter
Brown spots, hyperpigmentation from heat and sun

A new approach

Revolutionizing Results: Your Climate Matters

Climate-Smart® is a specialized approach to anti-aging skincare that takes into account the impact of the Midwest local climate and daily weather conditions on skin integrity and product efficacy.

How It Works
Pour Moi's founder, Ulli, showcases the effectiveness of the Pour Moi Climate-Smart Rotating System. This photo has NOT been altered or retouched.
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Climate-Smart® Skincare

Year-round Youthful Skin in the Midwest's Four Seasons

Pour Moi excels in the Midwest, where it confronts the year-round challenge of accommodating the region's four distinct seasons. With scorching summers and frigid, arid winters, the Midwest's ever-changing climate demands skincare solutions that can effectively address issues like dryness, sun damage, and sensitivity.

Climate-Smart® products provide not only protection but also crucial hydration, all while adapting to the unique daily weather conditions. By doing so, they ensure that you maintain resilient, radiant skin that thrives throughout the Midwest's diverse seasons.

"I've been using exclusively Pour Moi for about 3 years now and my skin has never looked for felt better." — Elizabeth Ries, Host of TwinCitiesLive

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10 Patents. More pending.

Climate-Smart® Rotating System: Midwest

Your skin needs strategic care throughout the different seasons. Our science-backed 3-step system for living in the Midwest, tailored to each season, allows you to adjust to daily conditions by rotating the weather-specific Day Creams accordingly, keeping your skin at its best.

2020 TIME Best Invention of the Year

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Your Year-round Skin Journey

Meet Dr. O Meet Dr. O

Meet Dr. O

Our Scientific Advisor Dr. Iffie Okoronkwo explains how high humidity alters skin.

A Deeper Dive A Deeper Dive

A Deeper Dive

Learn more about the Climate-Smart difference and why it works when others don’t.