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In the wilds of Alaska, nature's beauty thrives, yet your skin will find it less forgiving.

Dry, scaling, rough-textured skin from arid, cold winter
Vitamin D deficiency from weak natural light in winter
Oiliness, enlarged pores from summer's humidity
Photo-aging and free radical damage during summer

What is Climate-Smart® Skincare?

Think of it as Anti-aging for your Zip Code

Climate-Smart® is a specialized approach to anti-aging skincare that takes into account the impact of local climate and daily weather conditions. It involves using products specifically formulated to address the skin's unique needs in different environments, maximizing their effectiveness and promoting optimal skin health.

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DRIVEN BY RESULTS. Pour Moi's founder, Ulli, showcases the effectiveness of the Pour Moi Climate-Smart Rotating System by applying all three steps twice a day to one hand while leaving the other untreated. This photo has NOT been altered or retouched.

Your location determines the skincare products you should use.

Pour Moi has scientifically designed a variety of Climate-Smart skincare products, including masks, moisturizers, serums, night cream, polish, and others that are formulated specifically to cater to Alaska's subarctic climate conditions. 

These Alaskan Climate-Smart products are designed to tackle common skin issues and combat the signs of aging caused by living in an environment characterized by long cold winters and cool summers. They help your skin stay resilient against the challenges of your local weather and give you a youthful and healthy complexion in Alaska.

They meet the following criteria:

  • Align your skin with subarctic climate
  • Shield your skin from specific environmental stressors such as wildfire smoke
  • Formulated to excel in Alaska's seasons and daily weather
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Climate-Smart® Rotating System: Alaska

Introducing the first-ever localized 3-step anti-aging system, customized seasonally, that revolutionizes your daily routine in Alaska by seamlessly integrating the need to rotate between Climate-Smart Day Creams, ensuring that your regimen aligns perfectly with the weather, whether rain or shine.

2020 TIME Best Invention of the Year

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