Caring for Skin on the Gulf Coast

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About the Gulf Coast's Climate Impact on Skin

Surface oiliness from high humidity
Brown spots, hyperpigmentation from heat and sun
Skin dehydration from wet air
Stretched, enlarged pores from high humidity

A new approach

Revolutionizing Results: Your Climate Matters

Climate-Smart® is a specialized approach to anti-aging skincare that considers the impact of the Texas Gulf Coast climate and local daily weather conditions on skin integrity and product efficacy.

How It Works
Pour Moi's founder, Ulli, showcases the effectiveness of the Pour Moi Climate-Smart Rotating System by using Pour Moi only on one hand and not the other. This photo has not been altered or retouched.


Year-round Youthful Skin on the Gulf Coast

Living in the year-round high humidity of the Texas Gulf Coast poses challenges for the skin, including increased oil production and a heightened risk of premature aging from intense sun exposure.

Climate-Smart® skincare recognizes and addresses these issues with specialized anti-aging formulations designed for Eastern Texas.

Our innovative products combat the effects of humidity and photoaging, offering a tailored approach for radiant and youthful skin. By focusing on optimal hydration without worsening excess moisture, our formulations address concerns like breakouts and clogged pores while targeting fine lines and wrinkles, ensuring your skin remains resilient, healthy, and ageless.

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10 Patents. More Pending.

Climate-Smart® Rotating System: Eastern Texas

Youthful skin requires strategic care year-round when living on or close to the Gulf Coast in Texas. Our science-backed 3-step system, tailored to each season, enables you to adapt to daily conditions by using the appropriate weather-specific Day Creams, ensuring your skin remains at its best.

2020 TIME Best Invention of the Year

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Meet Dr. O Meet Dr. O

Meet Dr. O

Our Scientific Advisor Dr. Iffie Okoronkwo explains how high humidity alters skin.

A Deeper Dive A Deeper Dive

A Deeper Dive

Learn more about the Climate-Smart difference and why it works when others don’t.