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This smart beauty sponge has 4-in-1 application. It cleanses skin & removes all makeup, gently exfoliates skin, clears congestion from pores and smartly cools & depuffs eyes. Includes 20 sponges.

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  • Reusable & recyclable
  • 100% untreated cellulose plant fiber
  • 100% biodegradable & biocide free
  • Great for all skin in all climates
  • Very effective at deep cleansing pores
  • Soft, gentle, & absorbent
  • Natural alternative to cooling masks
  • Remedy for puffy eyes & headaches

Spongy™ comes factory-wrapped in sterile plastic for sanitary reasons. Don’t worry, we still avoid single-use-plastic wherever possible.

  • Each pack contains 20 compressed plant-based facial sponges.

How to cleanse exfoliate & clear skin:

  • Soak sponge with water until it expands to full-size. Apply facial cleanser to sponge. Gently massage face with sponge in circular motions. After each use, rinse well, wring out the water and let sponge air dry.

How to cool & depuff eyes:

  • Soak sponge with water until it almost expands to full-size. Place in fridge until chilled. Place on closed eyes for 5-10 minutes. Sit back & relax!