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Polish & Protect: Face Mask Care (Blue/Gray)
Polish & Protect: Face Mask Care (Blue/Gray)
Polish & Protect: Face Mask Care (Blue/Gray)
Polish & Protect: Face Mask Care (Blue/Gray)
Polish & Protect: Face Mask Care (Blue/Gray)
Polish & Protect: Face Mask Care (Blue/Gray)
Polish & Protect: Face Mask Care (Blue/Gray)
Polish & Protect: Face Mask Care (Blue/Gray)

Polish & Protect: Face Mask Care (Blue/Gray)

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3-Piece Set | For all skin | Made in France  

A multitasking cleansing experience that deep cleans, exfoliates and tones all in one-step, leaving your radiant skin polished and glowing. Plus, our groundbreaking Smart Mask. It's created from ingenious fabric that helps to resist the irritation, inflammation and acne from MaskNe, a new skin issue derived from excessive trapped moisture caused by mask wearing.

Developed at the Pour Moi Institute at Strand in the Rhone-Alps region in France and offered at a limited special price. 


  • 100mL/3.38 oz Clarifying Polish

  • Wearable Smart Mask: Tropical Blue (Size: S/M)
  • Wearable Smart Mask: Marine Gray (Size: S/M)


    (1) For best results, use the Clarifying Polish 2-3 times per week in place of your regular cleanser.

    (2) Apply to dry face using finger tips, massaging evenly into skin using gentle circular motions.

    (3) Add warm water onto face to transform the jelly into a light-weight milky cleansing lotion.

    (4) Massage for a few seconds, allowing the sugar micro-crystals into skin to gently polish the skin, then rinse well and pat dry.



      Wearing a mask is our "new normal," but it comes with a new skin issue called MASKne. MASKne is low-grade breakouts from trapped moisture which can lead to more skin issues like clogged poresinflammation and irritation. Say goodbye to MASKne with the Wearable Smart Mask.

      What makes the Wearable Smart Mask a SMART choice for your skin?

      • Made of B-Core moisture management 3-ply fabric to help control moisture
      • Contains anti-microbial agent* 
      • 3-ply fabric means 3 layers of material as recommended by the CDC
      • Washable / reusable / double lab tested to hold its shape and fit after wash
      • Middle seaming to contour comfortably and conform to your face
      • Anti-chafe ear loops stretch 100% and hold their shape
      • 100% high-functional polyester & CPSIA compliant
      • Designed with love and decorated with our Pour Moi climate icons

      *Disclaimer: The mask is not FDA-approved, not intended for medical use, and not proven to reduce the transmission of disease. The mask should not be used (1) in any surgical setting or where significant exposure to liquid, bodily or other hazardous fluids, may be expected; (2) in a clinical setting where the infection risk level through inhalation exposure is high. For guidance on usage, please consult the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), available at