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Climate-Smart® patented skincare specifically tailored to the Twin Cities.
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Clarifying Polish



European women exfoliate…why don’t we? 

Because until now, it’s been messy and harsh. No more! The Pour Moi Institute created our scientifically advanced 3-in-1 Clarifying Polish that cleanses, softens and exfoliates without the mess and irritation. It’ll leave your skin baby-soft and glowing in under one minute! 

Dermatologists and estheticians advise to frequently remove dead skin cells that are trapped on your complexion’s surface, blocking your anti-aging creams from penetrating deeper into your skin.

COVID-19: We are following the strict CDC guidelines in our warehouse and still shipping on time.


In addition, save 50% on our 3-Step Rotating System...

3-Step Rotating System: MIDWEST Spring/Summer


It’s 3 simple steps but…we’re giving you 4 products! Here’s how the Climate-Smart® 3-step System works: 

(Step 1) The Hydrating Balancer followed by (Step 2) the Serum and then… (Step 3) YOU pick your Day Cream depending on today’s weather. If it’s warm and less humid outside, select the Temperate Day Cream. If it’s hot and sticky, rotate to the Tropical Day Cream. Voilà…youthful, healthy looking skin is yours!

You can't control the weather but now you can control your skincare results. 

COVID-19: We are following the strict CDC guidelines in our warehouse and still shipping on time.

Have you seen Ulli's hands?


Climate-Smart® put to the real test

Our founder, Ulli Haslacher, used Climate-Smart® Pour Moi for one year on one hand only.   Some dermatologists estimate the perceived age difference between her hands to be as much as 30 years. 

Watch Ulli’s transformative video below.