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Climate-Smart skincare promotes optimal skin hydration in cold winter climates.

Polar Day Cream | Cold & Dry


Frigid polar climate is characterized by bone-chilling weather.

It's the first-of-its-kind moisturizer scientifically formulated to help your skin adapt, repair and protect itself in this skin-aging climate. Traditional skincare will not allow moisture to be maintained, but Polar Day Cream will. 

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Face Covering: POLAR Green


Wearing a mask is our "new normal," but it comes with a new skin issue called MASKne. MASKne is low-grade breakouts from trapped moisture which can lead to more skin issues like clogged pores, inflammation, and irritation.

What makes it a SMART choice for your skin?

  • Made of B-Core moisture management 3-ply fabric to help control moisture, as recommended by the CDC
  • Washable  to hold its shape and fit after wash
  • Anti-chafe ear loops stretch 100% and hold their shape
  • 100% high-functional polyester & CPSIA compliant

COVID-19: We are following strict CDC guidelines in our warehouse.