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Our Story

Living part-time in New York and Los Angeles, European beauty expert Ulli Haslacher observed that her skin behaved differently in various climates. In a hot and humid climate, Ulli’s skin turned almost instantly oily, clogging her pores; and in dry climates such as in Arizona or during cold winters in the French Alps, her skin showed fine lines and dryness, causing premature damage to her skin.

After extensive research, Ulli learned that a climate actually changes your skin as it relates to how skin stays smooth and moist. Ulli’s skin acting differently in various climates was her skin’s natural response to how it adapted. In some climates her skin did better than in others. To Ulli’s surprise, conventional skincare did not offer any solution for this problem.

Determined to find a solution to this complex problem, she teamed up with scientists, dermatologists and other beauty experts around the world. After 5 years of research & development, Ulli and her team of experts solved the problem with the world's first climate based skincare system* specifically designed to allow skin to ease the changes inflicted by different climates.

Our brand “Pour Moi” means “For Me”. It reflects Ulli's belief that beauty is personal. Every person’s skin is different and every person’s life is unique. Pour Moi climate based skincare is the most personal way to care for your skin all year.

* U.S. and International Patents Pending