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Made Well

We take the best things available in skincare INGREDIENTS, WATER, CHEMISTRY apply PASSION, EXPERTISE, INNOVATION, QUALITY, HONESTY, VALUE, and TRUST and distill all of them into each product we make for you.

Ulli Haslacher, President
Ulli Haslacher, President
  • Our PHD chemists and scientists only use top-notch ingredients, tested for both effectiveness and safety.
  • Every ingredient in our products is used in the full amount it has been tested and found clinically validated to work.
  • Our products are free of commonly used irritators. They are 100% fragrance free/(bad) alcohol free, 100% mineral oil free, 100% paraben free, 100% gluten free.
  • Our products are tested on humans, not animals.
  • We only use state-of-the-art packaging which efficiently protects our advanced formulations and active ingredients from air and light.
  • All our packaging complies with airport security guidelines (TSA) so you can take Pour Moi safely inside the cabin. No skincare should travel in the cargo area of a plane.
  • All our products are made in France to the highest manufacturing standards.