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Our face creams adjust, like skin, to the climate.

We take care of your skin where you live and travel to.

Pour Moi – Climate based skincare

Different climates affect and change everything- including your skin.

Why? Climate is the weather (air) in a place during a season. Weather changes drastically when seasons change or when you locate to a different place. Lately, weather just randomly changes, turning what should be a winter day into an unusual warm spring day or vice versa. Once climate changes, your skin changes because the air your skin interacts with has changed. This happens to everyone’s skin regardless of your skin type. Suddenly, skin has to adjust to high or low humidity/hot or cold air.

It’s a problem for your skin to naturally adjust to different climates and look and feel the same. Everyone’s skin struggles.

Why? Skin responds to different climates by increasing/decreasing its natural production of oils and water to stay flexible and hydrated. This frequent process of change is not perfect, and skin’s ability to stay smooth and moist fluctuates greatly because of it. The same skincare that works well in one climate will not work in another precisely because of it.

The solution is a new skincare formulated to specifically nourish, hydrate and protect  skin in each climate and help skin adjust seamlessly.

Why? A clinical pilot study concluded that skin’s natural ability to stay optimally hydrated and smooth remains consistently “unchanged” when using Pour Moi's special face creams in the climates they are made for. Pour Moi was 5 years in the making as it needed know-how and feedback from laboratories, dermatologists, chemists and consumers in different locations and seasons. Read more

Climate based skincare changes the way we do skincare.

Why? Once climate changes and your skin change, our clinical results show that skincare should also change. You can have consistently happy and healthy looking skin when you match your face creams to the actual climates you are in. This can change daily on travels or when seasons’ change. See the incredible difference in your skin when climate, skin and skincare align effortlessly. Read more.

You can easily customize Pour Moi to suit any skin type and ethnicity by adding one of our serums and balancers before the face creams.

Our brand “Pour Moi” means “For Me” to reflect our belief that beauty is personal. Every person’s skin is different and every person’s life is unique. Pour Moi climate based skincare is the most personal way to care for your skin all year.