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Clinical Studies

Pour Moi – Clinical Studies

The test

An independent laboratory tested to find out if skin stays consistently the same in different climates or if different climates inflict differently on skin's levels of hydration.

The lab tested Pour Moi and other moisturizer brands on participants who experienced different climates in an advanced climate simulation room.

The result

It works! In a four climate-controlled pilot study, participants using Pour Moi experienced significantly less fluctuation in their skin hydration when exposed to hot & dry air (desert climate), hot & humid air (tropical climate), cold & dry air (polar climate) and normal & mild air (temperate climate) as compared to when they used any of the other brands.

Great results! The pilot clinical study showed that different climates inflict differently on skin. The lab results furthermore concluded that Pour Moi climate based skincare*, which lets you chose and apply the face creams according to actual climate, allows skin to ease the changes inflicted by climates.

*Study results on file paid for by Pour Moi Beauty, LLC.

Further clinical studies are being conducted. Check back for an update early 2017.