"I've been using Pour Moi for about 3 years now and my skin has never looked better"

- Elizabeth Ries of TwinCitiesLive

Unlock youthful, radiant skin in Minnesota's ever-changing climate.

By aligning Pour Moi with your MN weather, you optimize hydration and skin renewal for remarkable results.

TIME magazine's best invention of the year

Rotating System: Midwest (only $82.50 with code MN50)

Tailored to Minnesota's distinct local climates, our proven to work Climate-Smart 3-Step System provides seasonal anti-aging care, delivering remarkable results.


The Rotating System box includes four products

Here's the breakdown of the system.

And yes, you can buy each product separately.

Prep skin

Step 1: QUENCH (only $21 with code MN50)

Climate-Smart® Hydrating Balancer

Your routine starts by applying a few drops of our season-specific Balancer onto your skin.

The Balancer is a luxurious liquid blend of small-molecule weight hydrating and anti-aging actives. It instantly softens deeper skin layers, balances oil production, tightens pores, and prepares the skin to absorb the next products, delivering impactful results every day and night.

Fortify skin

Step 2: DRENCH (only $32.50 with code MN50)

Climate-Smart® Serum

After applying the Balancer, use one small pump of our potent Serum and gently pad onto skin. Each system box includes a Climate-Smart® formula tailored to the season's humidity, ensuring optimal efficacy.

The serum delivers unparalleled hydration and age-defying benefits, leaving your skin looking younger and more radiant.

Protect skin

STEP 3: GEO-MOISTURIZE (only $19.50 full size and $12.50 half size with code MN50)

Weather-Appropriate Day Creams

This is the system's innovative step: Think of it dressing your skin like you dress yourself, according to the weather.

By rotating between our weather-specific Day Creams you are empowered to align your skincare to the exact weather condition you face for optimal daily protection, hydration and nourishing of the skin.


Here are a few more Climate-Smart® products we highly recommend for youthful skin in Minnesota.

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Night Cream (only $20.50 with code MN50)

Night is actually its own unique climate for skin in Twin Cities. When it’s dark and you’re asleep, your skin is working its hardest to rejuvenate.

Our luxurious Night Cream is scientifically designed to pair with skin’s nightly repair process. It beautifies your skin while at rest and works synergistically with the weather-specific Day Cream in the morning.



Smoke from Canadian wildfires is causing damage to your skin right now! Protect your skin with our Smoke Alarm Drops.

Scientifically proven to safeguard your skin by providing 100% protection against smoke particles adhering to the skin. These luxurious, shield-like drops effectively prevent any potential damage smoke particles might inflict on your skin’s well-being and appearance.

Winner of Popular Science 2022 The Best-of-What's-New

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Clarifying Polish

Don't let the weather dull your glow.

Dermatologists and estheticians agree that an exfoliation & deep cleansing treatment is especially necessary during the hot and humid summer months.

Use Clarifying Polish twice a week for clean, soft, renewed skin.


Rain Drops


Think of Rain Drops as a micro-targeted weapon to stop the vicious cycle of skin dehydration due to the lack of indoor and outdoor humidity.

Dry indoor environments are everywhere to be found. Once you step into an airplane or climate-controlled building such as the grocery store, a hospital, or a hotel room, your skin suddenly faces the moisture thief: dry air!

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Rose Moisture Mask - Pour Moi Skincare

Rose Moisture Mask

Your frontline defense against every day pollutants.

This luxurious, exquisite high-performing mask protects your skin from the external stress caused by pollution while offering a total sensorial beauty experience and a radiant, lit-from-within glow that lasts for days.

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A new approach

For Better Results: Your Climate Matters

Climate-Smart® is a specialized approach to anti-aging skincare that takes into account the impact of the midwest climate and local daily weather conditions on skin integrity and product efficacy.

"When I saw Ulli’s ‘without & with Pour Moi hands,’ I thought – this is incredible and unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I’ve GOT to start using these products!" — Elizabeth Ries, TCL


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