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Rain Drops Dry Environments
Dry Environments
Rain Drops | Dry Environments - Pour Moi Skincare
Rain Drops | Dry Environments - Pour Moi Skincare
Rain Drops | Dry Environments - Pour Moi Skincare

Rain Drops

Dry Environments

Dry Environments

Think of Rain Drops as a micro-targeted weapon to stop the vicious cycle of skin dehydration due to the lack of indoor and outdoor humidity. Think airplane cabins and arid, windy weather. Learn more.

"Love the feel of Rain Drops added to my day cream. My dry skin appreciates the additional moisture without any greasy feeling. It feels luxurious." - Dede M.

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or 5 interest-free payments of
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About This Product

Dry indoor environments are everywhere to be found. Once you step into an airplane or climate-controlled building such as the grocery store, a hospital, or a hotel room, your skin suddenly faces the moisture thief: dry air!

Rain Drops are next-generation concentrated serums drops that are specifically formulated to instantly stop the moisture thief and hyper-hydrate skin’s surface when you’re suddenly in arid conditions.

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  • Relipidium™ is the first active ingredient that restores the skin barrier to rebalance skin ecosystem and acts to correct skin dryness.
  • MossCellTec™ No.1 enables skin to adapt to environmental changes by improving skin moisture, even in stressful conditions. Refines, skin and creates a flawless complexion by strengthening skin resilience against urban aggressors.
  • Tuber Aestivum Extract (White Truffle) tones, invigorates, smoothes, and balances skin moisture.

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How To Apply

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Add 1-3 drops to your Day Cream or any moisturizer or apply directly to skin
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When humidity is below 25% add 1 Drop
When humidity is below 15% add 2 drops
When humidity is below 10% add 3 drops

Driven By Results

100% driven by results, our Climate-Smart® approach transforms how your skin looks and feels.
Say skin looks more youthful & brighter.
Say skin feels more supple & hydrated.
*Proven results based on a third-party independent study.

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