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Happy New You Kit: Texas
Happy New You Kit: Texas
Happy New You Kit: Texas
Happy New You Kit: Texas
Happy New You Kit: Texas
Happy New You Kit: Texas
Happy New You Kit: Texas

Happy New You Kit: Texas

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3-Piece Set | For all skin | Made in France  

To jumpstart your skin in the new year, each kit comes with the following:

  1. One full size game-changing Clarifying Polish, specifically formulated to accelerate clean, soft, renewed skin that feels baby-soft again. You'll be WOW’ed by the replenished finish of your face, and the dewy afterglow!
  2. One full size drenching anti-aging Serum, specifically formulated for your local humidity levels (or the absence of it). The Serum makes your skin even smarter- Climate-Smart®!
  3. One full size iconic climate-specific Day Cream, specifically formulated to give you youthful looking skin in your local winter weather. This is the star of the show and the superstar of Pour Moi.


  • 100mL/3.37 oz Clarifying Polish
  • 25mL/0.8 oz Black Serum
  • 30mL/1 oz Temperate Day Cream


      DAILY: Start with one pump of the Serum (less is more with Pour Moi) and press it gently onto your face, around the eyes, mouth, and cheek areas. After the Serum has dried (it takes just a minute or less), apply a small pump of the Day Cream and…voilà, you are ready for your makeup, sunscreen or simply bare Climate-Smart® skin.

      2-3x PER WEEKFor best results, use the Clarifying Polish in place of your regular cleanser.

      1. Squeeze a pearl-size amount of the honey-like jelly balm into your dry palms.
      2. Apply to dry face using finger tips, massaging evenly into skin using gentle circular motions.
      3. Add warm water onto face to transform the jelly into a light-weight milky cleansing lotion.
      4. Massage for a few seconds, allowing the sugar micro-crystals into skin to gently polish the skin. 
      5. Rinse well and pat dry.

      Important to know: Expect the Serum to feel slightly viscous when first applied, but in moments it will dry down to a velvety finish.