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Climate-Smart® 3-Step Rotating System: POLAR

Climate-Smart® 3-Step Rotating System: POLAR

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3-Piece Set + 1 Mini Day Cream | For all skin | Made in France

This patented Climate-Smart® 3-Step Rotating System includes 3 anti-aging products that are specifically formulated for youthful skin in a cold and dry climate. CLIMATE-SMART® ALERT! Choose your Mini Day Cream for the upcoming change in weather and rotate it into your 3-Step System in place of the Polar Day Cream (step 3 of the 3-Step System). It's that easy!

US Patent No. 10485997



  • 100mL/3.38 oz Hydrating Balancer (Light) 

  • 25mL/0.8 oz Black Serum (Rich)

  • 30mL/1 oz Polar Day Cream
  • 15mL/0.5 oz Mini Day Cream Mini (Travel Size)

We recommend repeating the white ritual twice a day, in the morning and at night

Step 1: Hydrating Balancer

Apply Balancer to clean skin by using a cotton pad. Place dry cotton pad on the flat applicator and pump once or twice. Then swipe moist cotton pad gently over your face and neck. Apply the Serum immediately next while skin is still moist. 

Step 2: Black Serum

Apply one drop to face, eye and neck with your fingertips, patting it on and then smoothing it out. Allow Black Serum to fully blend into your skin before applying the Climate-Smart® Day Cream.

Beauty Tip: Less is more with Pour Moi. You just need a drop.

Step 3: Climate-Smart® Day Creams

Choose the Day Cream tailored to the climate you are in and switch instantly to the other Day Cream when climate changes. Apply one or two drops to your face and neck. Allow Climate-Smart® Day Cream to fully blend into your skin before applying sunscreen and/or makeup. 

Patent Pending Skincare System

Key Actives:

All Pour Moi products are enriched with our signature blend of multiple forms of Hyaluronic Acid in combination with a rare form of White Truffle Extract. This blend is film-forming to lock in maximum hydration and anti-aging properties.