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How Reponse du Climat Defends Your Skin Against Aging


How Reponse du Climat Hydration Defends Your Skin Against Aging

When your skin’s well hydrated it appears radiant, healthy and nurtured. It’s able to effectively defend against environmental stressors like pollution, UV, heat. When the tables are turned, skin’s left vulnerable.

The human body is made of many things and water is an extremely vital component. With over 50% of your body being made from water, it’s a safe bet that no biological process works the same without it.

Your skin absorbs water from the air and from every glass of water you drink. Depending on your location’s climate, your skin will adapt, drawing moisture from where it can to balance hydration.

This is exactly the balance our proprietary blend ‘Reponse du Climat’ exists to protect.

It’s the solution to skin made dull and sallow by your local environment.


What is Reponse du Climat?

‘Reponse du Climat’ is our proprietary complex. Now, that usually means it’s a secret, but at Pour Moi we believe in complete transparency. Reponse du Climat works and we want you to know the why and how.

2 ingredients within a special delivery system are responsible for Reponse du Climat’s effectiveness –hyaluronic acid and white truffle extract. Both of these ingredients are moisture locking hydrators and our proprietary complex combines and multiplies their effectiveness. 

Our special delivery system carries these 2 ingredients into the multiple layers of your skin creating a plump and healthy looking complexion. The uniqueness of our delivery system ensures our skincare’s adaptability to different climates, creating skin that’s always optimally hydrated… and that’s regardless of whether your skin’s getting moisture from the air or from within.


The Most Effective Form of Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is a sought after skincare ingredient because it’s able to hold onto up to 1000x its own weight in water. This water loving molecule behaves exactly like an expanding sponge, scavenging water and locking hydration in.

However not all forms of hyaluronic acid are created equally. Some forms can hydrate skin superficially, whereas others penetrate skin deeply.

The secret rests in molecular weight. Beads of hyaluronic acid that weigh heavy are perfect for superficial hydration whereas lighter forms hydrate deeply. The perfect hydration comes from a combination of both.

Reponse du climat combines 3 varying weights of hyaluronic acid. Small, medium and large, helping to hydrate all 3 layers of your skin for hydration that’s both- immediate and lasting.


The Well Kept Secret of White Truffle Extract

The rarest and most luxurious of all truffle types, white truffle has been valued for centuries as black gold. Its hydrating nature lies in its natural complex of skin similar amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of your skin, they help to condition, protect, repair and hydrate. Being so similar to your skins natural nutrients, they’re skin hydrating activity is guaranteed. In fact industry testing shows their effectiveness kicks in after just one day of use, building over 2-4 weeks to provide skin with a 45% increase in hydration. Not bad for a mushroom!


How Hyaluronic Acid and White Truffle Extract Protect Against Aging

Imagine a balloon full of air – how does it look? Now imagine how that balloon would look when its 5 days old and tiny portions of air have leaked out. See the difference? When this happens, your balloon begins sagging into itself forming areas of wrinkling.  

Poor hydration caused by climate or environmental stressors like pollution, UV, and others promote wrinkling of your skin. With 50% of your body being made of water, when portions of it are lost and skin cannot replenish itself, wrinkles are created.

Is your skin at risk? Most skin types are, which is why we created Reponse du climat. A rapid hydrating solution for healthy, plump, volume full skin in any environment.